Colon Hydrotherapy Training & Certification

A therapy skill that you can have for the rest of your life and do anywhere!

Colon Hydrotherapy Training and Certification Includes:

  • Nutrition education including lectures, handouts, documentaries and reading
  • Online Anatomy course (provided by Alison online)
  • In person training performing closed colonics consisting of 5 days each

Closed System Training & Certification


Get trained and certified on the Closed colonic system.

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Day 0 | Pre-Hands On
Complete online Anatomy course, and watch recommended documentaries and required reading.

Day 1-2 | Shadows
You will sit and observe technique, verbiage and protocol. Daily feedback and education in the afternoon.

Day 3-5 | All Day Colonics
Giving and receiving colonics, learning and applying insertion, technique, verbiage and intuition (8 colonics each day).

About the Instructor

I’ve spent the last decade working in Alternative Medicine with local and international MDs, NDs, and other specialists. I studied Detoxification and Raw Food under the World Famous Dr. Gabriel Cousens at his retreat center. I began practicing colon hydrotherapy in 2014. I later worked at a local Detox Center for a few years helping clients reverse Cancer, Diabetes and other chronic illness. I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist and I-ACT member.

Although I am an I-ACT Member, it’s important to note this is NOT an I-ACT Certification. We have had Colon HydroTherapists come to us to further their training and education. This Certification is NOT a 3 day crash course to learn how to just perform colonics. This is a much more thorough course that will give you a more accurate representation of what you’ll experience in your career and the tools to handle them.

First, you’ll shadow 15-20 sessions to see the variance in approaching different kinds of clients. Then, for the hands on portion, you will then perform 25 Colonics on 20-25 different bodies. This is what makes us different. Instead of performing on just a few of your classmates repeatedly, it’s important to experience many body, rectum and health types. It’s important to see blown out hemorrhoids, waste leak, fill leak, distention, and more.

Repeating colonics on the same few people will not prepare you for wide variances that you will encounter in your real world Colon Hydrotherapy career. Our training will ensure you’re prepared to handle all of these situations with tact, professionalism and efficiently.