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Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

College Professor

Naturopathic Wellness Practitioner

Organic Lifestyle Expert

Elizabeth Joseph is a Naturopathic Wellness Practitioner, FDN-P, Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Microbiome Certified, Organic Lifestyle Expert, Educator, and Author.

She specializes in blood sugar management, detoxification, digestive issues, and mold illness. She’s spent over 10 years in the Functional Medicine and Alternative Medicine space working with world renowned doctors, practitioners and scientists.

After going through her own personal struggles with Hypoglycemia and mold exposure, she began to treat those closest to her.

When her father almost died at 69, the doctors just wanted to put him on more pills and do more surgery. He already had 13 stents in his heart and didn’t want to keep going under the knife. Elizabeth intervened and successfully reversed his heart disease and diabetes. He’s now living healthy and active at 84 years old.

When Elizabeth’s son was exposed to mold at birth and again at 3 years old. He was sick over a year. At the time, she didn’t know mold was the culprit. She went from doctor to doctor including Naturopaths, MDs and Functional Doctors without answers. She was told his symptoms including cradle cap, warts, excessive ear wax, digestive discomfort, unrelenting coughs and colds that would last for months, were unrelated to mold. After tons of research and lots of experimentation, she was able to successfully treat him and all the so-called “unrelated” symptoms went away! He’s now a healthy, happy, 7 year old.

After successfully treating her friends and family, she dove deeper into education and Certifications. She completed multiple Certifications in alternative health and wellness, functional medicine, and holistic nutrition. The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program changed overnight revealing so much more than the naked eye can see for seemingly healthy people, enabling them to catch imbalances before they become a “diagnosis.”

She now offers functional labs to truly get to the root cause of what’s ailing people. She continues to educate herself attending conferences, webinars and expos whenever she can to stay current in the Functional Medicine and Alternative Health world.

Using cutting edge science, the latest research and over a decade of personal experience, Elizabeth has developed proven protocols to reverse chronic digestive disorders, diabetes and auto-immune disease and remove stubborn mold from the body, even in children.