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We encourage you to meet the whole team- they each have something special to offer.

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Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

College Professor

Naturopathic Wellness Practitioner

Organic Lifestyle Expert

Elizabeth spent the last decade working in Alternative Medicine with local and internationally known MDs, NDs, and other specialists. She studied Detoxification and Living Foods under the World Famous Dr. Gabriel Cousens at his retreat center. She began practicing colon hydrotherapy in 2014. Later Elizabeth worked at a local Detox Center for a few years helping clients reverse Cancer, Diabetes and other chronic illness.

She is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist. She published her first book in January of 2017. After having her child in 2016 she experienced, first hand, some of the unbalanced and traumatic statistics surrounding Melanated (people of color) Women and birth. This motivated her to create the Melanin Moms Natural Expo and later, the Melanin Natural Market.

Elizabeth helps those with chronic disease where conventional medicine has failed. Education, empowerment and patience are at the core of her approach. Food and health shouldn't involve discipline or restriction. You deserve to thrive every day!

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Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Colon Hydrotherapist

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Deliana is a passionate Holistic Healthcare Practitioner with 9 years of colon hydrotherapy therapy experience, earning multiple certifications for holistic healthcare, colon hydrotherapy and holistic nutrition. Deliana is also a licensed massage therapist. She has worked alongside naturopathic doctors and wellness practitioners helping people discover ways to heal themselves with the tools of natural medicine.

Through colon hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and juicing organic produce, Deliana found these tools most effective in her approach. Deliana uses her knowledge to empower her community with methods that aid in a better lifestyle that are typically deemed as alternative.

"It's the testimonies I hear daily that keep me inspired." - Deliana

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Colon Hydrotherapist


Reiki Master

Total Body Corrective Therapist

NiyeNinu is a Health & Wellness advocate of many avenues. She believes the body is intelligent enough to heal itself with the proper environment. For the past 10 years she has helped people heal, making their pain a distant memory; Mind • Body • Soul. She is the owner of Healing Hands Oasis Wellness Center & Apothecary; a mobile wellness business. She is currently in school to become a Naturopathic Doctor and co-authored a book with Kimberly Coles (from Living Single): Open Your G.I.F.T.S. Vol II.

Her Total Body Corrective Therapy includes: reiki healing energy, fascial manipulation, assisted stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), muscle testing, and pressure point therapies.

NiyeNinu has been on her own healing journey since 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She lives a mostly plant-based lifestyle and advocates for others to do the same when it’s the right time for them. Slow and steady gentle healing is the best type of healing.

“I desire for everyone to find their own gentle path to a healthier lifestyle.” - NiyeNinu

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Colon Hydrotherapist

Naturopathic Doctor

A native of Arizona, Amalia earned her bachelor's in Psychology from Arizona State University. The challenges of her father’s survival of cancer & healing from major depression enabled her to find her calling in naturopathic medicine. Soon after her father's recovery, Dr. Baca obtained her doctorate’s from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Baca has developed a strong passion for providing medical care to families, using advanced medical technologies as well as traditional & indigenous healing methods. Her treatments focus on modifying nutritional & lifestyle habits in addition to using intravenous nutrient therapies, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, traditional indigenous medicine, and mind-body practices.

Dr. Baca is well-known for her treatment of gastrointestinal issues, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, chronic pain, cardiovascular conditions as well as specializing in addiction medicine, environmental medicine and women’s health. She also has a certification in Heavy Metal Toxicology & Chelation and training in the most advanced intravenous therapies such as Ozone Major Autohemotherapy, CaEDTA Chelation and Hydrogen Peroxide. Her treatments focus on modifying lifestyle habits in addition to using intravenous therapies, detoxification, herbal medicine, acupuncture, supplementation and other supportive therapies to bring you to a place of optimal health. She also believes in the integrated medical team approach to patient care to provide the best options and treatments for her patients.

Dr. Baca’s vision is to create in-patient facilities which utilize this integration to bring people back from chronic diseases and back to living harmoniously with Nature. In her years of experiential journey work and her private practice, Dr. Baca has come to understand the importance of not only mental wellbeing, but also spiritual wellbeing, on physical health.

Amalia Baca, NMD